EVENT - Australasia Now


Australasia Now explores identity constructs within the region: what it means to be part of this geographic region in the 21st Century, how have we historically seen ourselves and how we see ourselves now. How political constructs affect relationships, and how our identity is constantly shifting as we become more interconnected. How first nations peoples have always connected and viewed Australasia, how colonial constructs shaped ‘White Australia’, how globalisation has increasingly re-empowered people, cultures, and communities allowing them to be heard.

Featuring Alex Nemirovsky, Eva Glac, Carmel Cosgrove, Eugene Mott, Haneen Martin, Lana Milburn, Leiana Keogh, Jarrod Easy as Art, Maria Pena, Jessica Rule, Windsome Jobling, Amy Mills, Mirjana Margetic, Amos Wainggai, Katherine Gailer, Stanley Spargo and Ruby Alderton.

July 21 – August 2
Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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Image via Brunswick Street Gallery.