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We are so, so, so thrilled that LIMINAL is programmed in this year’s Digital Writers’ Festival!
Catch us Tuesday October 31st, 12.30pm during your lunch break, as we talk about creating our own digital platform and the challenges and possibilities of the medium.

An online-first festival featuring eleven days of live-streamed events, professional development and interactive projects, DWF invites audiences to log on and tune in from October 24 – November 3. Transcending geographical boundaries, the entire festival is presented online at digitalwritersfestival.com—enjoy from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you can find free wifi.


1. Missives from the Future  

Published from Tuesday October 24. 
With Jonno Revanche, Jamie Marie Lau and Tegan Elizabeth Webb 

What will the world look like in 2027 or 2057? From climate change to emerging technological advances, sometimes uncertainty feels like the only thing that’s certain. Get a glimpse of the future delivered to your inbox, as imagined by three very different minds. Working across different forms and exploring possible futures informed by fact and fiction, sign up to the Missives TinyLetter to receive your daily dose.

2. Voices of Trees

Published from Tuesday October 24.
With Mindy Gill, Steven J Finch, Bert Spinks and Britta Jorgensen

Standing sentry down every street, alone on a plain or paddock, or crowding out the sun and sky. What can trees tell us about the world, the future, and ourselves? In collaboration with Australian Poetry and Red Room, three poets from across Australia create a new work of poetry responding to the trees unique to the landscape surrounding them. Accompanied by creative audio and visual renderings of the final pieces.

3. Video Hits

Published from Tuesday October 24.
With Sarinah Masukor, Nathania Gilson, Sarah Walker, Annelyse Gelman, Magdalena Ball & Chloe Callistemon

Storytelling takes shape in bizarre, interesting and powerful ways in digital spaces. Six artists have collaborated to create new video works. Paired up to respond to each other’s work, see footage compiled by one artist collide with an audio track created in response to the visuals.

4. Songs and Stories at Home

Published from Thursday October 26.
With Soreti Kadir, Simona Castricum, Panya Banjoko, Pola Fanous, Ziggy Ramo & yeo

At the end of the day, it isn’t where I came from. Maybe home is somewhere I’m going and never have been before. – Warsan Shire

What does home mean to you? EWF’s standout event ‘Songs and Stories of Home’ comes to the Digital Writers’ Festival. Artists share their origin myths, family lore, stories of leaving and finding home in this intimate performance of music and poetry, streamed live from each artist’s own home.

5. Mapping Ecologies of the Earth

Saturday October 28. 9pm AEDT.
With Somayra Ismailjee, Quinn Eades, Kim Lateef, Nandi Chinna, Rebecca Orchard, Noel Nannup & Matt Aitken  

What is the place of localised embodiment and environmental politics in our digital landscapes? Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot, which means it is not only a land with unique native species, but also a land under threat. This multimedia performance will be live-streamed from Perth, incorporating live readings and pre-recorded videos that engage with WA’s rich history of environmental writing and activism—creating spaces for refugia, and the resurgence of diversity.

 6. Decolonising Online Spaces  

Sunday October 29. 12.30pm AEDT.
With Nayuka Gorrie, Fresh and Fruity & Evelyn Araluen

How do First Nations writers carve out or assert their sovereignty on the internet? How can digital spaces bridge geographical distances and foster communication, collaboration and connection for Indigenous artists? A discussion about how the internet can be a site of decolonisation, activism, community building and resistance.

   7. Grief in the Digital Age

Sunday Oct 29, 3pm AEDT.
With Paola Balla, Jini Maxwell & Elizabeth Tan

From documenting personal loss to the connectivity of collective mourning, how have the ways in which we inhabit digital spaces in death and mourning shifted our lives? Three writers consider the cultural, personal and creative ramifications of expressing grief online, and explore how to navigate writing grief in the digital age.

8. West meets West

Tuesday October 31, 7pm AEDT.
With Shirley Le, Sumudu Samarawickrama, Quang Dinh, Amal Ibrahim, Nikki Tran, Tien Tran, Jason Gray & Monikka Eliah

Hear tales from two cities as Sweatshop and West Writers Group team up to bring you the best from the West in both Sydney and Melbourne. Get punched in the gut by a piece from Sydney before someone reads you a riot from Melbourne, then back again.  Live readings will be performed to audiences in both cities, and live-streamed to an online audience.

9. No Chill

Wednesday November 1, 12.30pm AEDT.
With Maddison Griffiths & Lucinda Price

Is social media a sentimental exercise, or a social experiment? We’re all guilty of filtering our social media identity to craft a specific version of reality, but what really goes into building an online presence?

From the mundane to the profane and back again, even a ‘no filter’ brand takes work to maintain. Whether documenting a line of creative enquiry or making a meme out of life, hear from two digital natives who create vastly different social media feeds that are more filtered than they might appear. A transparent discussion about what goes into cultivating an online identity for women and sufferers of myriad mental illnesses.

10. Manifest

Saturday November 3, 7pm AEDT
With Winnie Dunn, Jesse Oliver, Piriye Altraide, Rebecca Jessen, Ben Walter & Zhi Yi Cham

Six writers explore alternative futures where the possible has become actual. Ending the festival on a hopeful note, they envision the future—embracing the fact that we cannot know it yet, and we therefore have the power to change it.


Find these events and more over at Digital Writers Festival.


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