Thank you!

By Leah Jing McIntosh

Liminal was initially created as a simple way to deal with the daily traumas of living as an Asian-Australian in Australian space: a way to process the world with other Asian-Australians, to understand myself and others through open, often meandering, conversation. I loved the idea of Liminal existing outside of capitalist confines: a free, easily accessible publication, supported entirely by my 9-5 job, as art often is. 

 I thought, maybe I'll do ten interviews, twenty at the most. It'll be a tiny project, a capsule, and it won't matter if anyone reads it. It'll exist mainly to stretch out, pull at these barriers, see what it means to be Asian-Australian in 2017. It was something I had to do, something built through an anger I could not seem to quell. Twisting this anger into something I'd like to think is beautiful, perhaps thought-provoking, has been incredibly gratifying. And since its inception, Liminal has become something else entirely: this coming Monday we'll publish #21, with many more to come.

Our Australian Cultural Fund campaign was built out of a similar anger. That day, I'd heard about Red Symons asking Beverley Wang, "What's the deal with Asians?" Damn, Red. I'll tell you what our deal is—and I'll tell you every Monday. With your help, we have raised over $2700 through the Australian Cultural Fund. This is exciting on so many levels. We'll have funds to continue to create more incredible interviews; it also means that we can pursue other exciting projects, to work with and promote Asian-Australian artists. Mostly, though, this support is overwhelming to me, because it means that people not only read our work, but believe in what we're doing.

So. A huge thank you to —

Rachel Ang, Jason Beckman, Scott Beckman, Jamie Blaker, Elizabeth Bryer, Anna Carrig, Bren Carruthers, Shu-Ling Chua, Ned Claridge, Gary Dickson, Lisa Divissi, Emma Do, Michael Edmondson, Kelly Fawcett, Rachel Fetherston, Andrew Goddard, Tess Harris, Steph Heggen, Pia Johnson, Holly Jones, Sheree Joseph, Tseen Khoo, Stephanie Lai, Emily Laidlaw, Nikki Lam, Scott Lennard, Stephanie Liew, Ross Linden-Fraser, Amie Mai, CB Mako, Yasmin Masri, Linden McHenry, Ella Meave, Amelia Mertha, Claire Miller, Jennifer Mueller, Maggie Ng, Antuong Nguyen, Cuc Nguyen, Qing Nie, Amelia Olsson, Laura Owsianka, Matthew Pit, Bhairavi Raman, Lauren Rawling, Emily Riches, Zak Rosentzveig, Sara Savage, Astrid Schwegler, Gundeep Sohanpal, Taryn Stenvei, Laura Stortenbeker, Margot Tanjutco, Patricia Tobin, Jeanette Tong, Amber Wong, Wendy Wong, Robert Wood & Stephanie Yap.

May Liminal continue to answer Red's question—every Monday morning.


Leah Jing McIntosh