Playlist #1 — Fia Fiell

Fia Fiell aka Carolyn Scholfield


Classical practicalities meet a modern ear in Fia Fiell’s music made to stretch the orbit of millennial electronic music constructs.




A Vietnamese-Australian artist hailing from Melbourne, Fia Fiell, aka Carolyn Schofield creates incredible electronic soundscapes that transport us beyond the physical realm. Her live performances and recordings involve multiple synths played and processed in real time to create hauntingly ethereal, unsettling, and subtly-shifting meditative worlds.

Her 2018 release on Melbourne’s Nice Music, ‘All In The Same Room’, is a meticulously crafted capsule of intimate melodic descriptions across a timeline of personal tumult, realisation and ultimately, growth, informed by a playful yet guarded sense of wonder.

Currently on tour in Europe, Fia Fiell will return to Australian shores to perform in late October and November.

Michael Souvanthalisith