Playlist #5 — Moonlover

Mekong Delta Blues is a nostalgic, intimate peek
into the experience of reconnecting with one’s culture.

Photography by Kristoffer Paulsen

Photography by Kristoffer Paulsen


Moonlover is the recording project of Melbourne-based DIY multi-instrumentalist, and former bassist of Little Red, Quang Dinh.  The final video release from his debut album ‘Thou Shall Be Free’, Mekong Delta Blues features secret voice recordings of his conversations with his father, and various video clips of Vietnam through the ages.

“It’s a very strange thing to miss a place you never grew up in. I miss Vietnam, even though I was born in Australia. I grew up in mainly white schools and hung around with mainly white kids and always felt disconnected from being Vietnamese. It’s only in the past 5 years or so that I’ve properly realised how deep Vietnam runs in me and how magical it is to me. Something as simple as getting a banh mi in Footscray and speaking to other Vietnamese cats in Vietnamese gives me great delight and great melancholy at the same time.”


Moonlover is currently on an Australia-wide album tour with full band. For more information and dates, click here.

Curated by Non Chalant

Leah McIntosh