Playlist #3 — shi'Lo


Initially writing music as a means of therapy, shi’LO’s honest and conversational lyrical style, coupled with hip hop beats and gospel progressions, evokes real and raw emotions from the listener.


Photograph by Ned Magarey

Photograph by Ned Magarey


Born in Adelaide to Filipino immigrant parents, shi’LO found himself surrounded by a community of talented singers and musicians. His love for music was evident from a young age, begging for piano lessons at the tender age of three. This young romance with sound was only the first step in a long string of musical achievements, teaching himself guitar in his early teens, before picking up the pen soon after.

From singing, rapping, writing and producing music, to being a DJ, and directing his own videos, shi’LO truly encompasses what it means to be a modern artist. 2018 has seen the release of his first self-produced singles, including No Tears (Notice Me), which was followed by an announcement that a debut album is on the way.

You can find shi’LO every Saturday DJing at Adelaide hip hop venue Miss Jackson, of which he has been a resident DJ since its inception in 2017.


Curated by Non Chalant

Leah McIntosh