Spotlight #8 — Kenz

Sitting somewhere between an acid trip and a cheese dream, is the work of up-and-coming artist, Kenz.

Born and raised in Thailand, Kenz moved to Australia at the tender of age of 13 and fell in love with Melbourne's vibrant art scene. His approachable demeanour and sense of curiosity welcomed him into the arms of a supportive network of local artists, giving him the push to visualise his own perspectives. Kenz's work is inspired by the stages of dreaming, which he approaches through layering elements. His use of bold graphics and reverberating shapes give the artwork a subtle movement, as if they're vibrating in place or glowing to a soft hum. Kenz's unique approach to his work is a refreshing filter on everyday life that reflects the warmth and charm of his own personality.

See a selection of Kenz's work below.


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Images provided by Kenz
Curated by Mike Eleven

Michael Souvanthalisith