EVENT - Anuk Pajama by Anu Kumar

We are excited to announce that our interviewee #6, Anu Kumar, is launching Anuk Pajama, her incredible ethical pajama collection. Ethically made from eco-friendly fabrics, Anuk Pajama’s line of khadi cotton loungewear is influenced by Anu's heritage and her passion for ethical fashion. As a documentary photographer who often works in her homeland of India, Anu was inspired to celebrate the everyday in a line of clothing mixing her unique Melbourne and Desi style. 

Each piece is made from 100% organic eco-friendly breathable fabrics, created using artisanal skills such as hand-weaving and Rajasthani block printing.



Anu is launching Anuk Pajama’s first collection at Magic Johnston  this Friday, 9th June.  Event here.


Photographs by Anu Kumar