EVENT - Emerging Writers' Festival

Liminal's very own deputy editor Linh Nguyen is one of the Creative Producers for this year's Emerging Writers' Festival, which officially kicks off later this week!

Linh is producing The Early Words: Decolonial Narratives and the Diaspora, and Late Night Lit: Collisions. These events feature Liminal interviewees Bobuq Sayed, Adolfo Aranjuez, Thanh Hằng Phạm and upcoming interviewee Roj Amedi.

There is a lot to see across the ten days of this year's program, so we've made a list for our Liminal readers of some of the incredible events on offer.

Liminal's Top Ten Emerging Writers' Festival Events

Linh’s top Picks

1. OPENING NIGHT: Our Invincible Summer

Wednesday June 14, 7pm Deakin Edge (Free) 

 The madness begins! Opening Night is going to be quite the celebration. Don't miss it!

With: Rachel Ang, Michael Green and Abdul Aziz Muhamat, Philly, Omar Sakr and Azri Zakkiyah.


2. Nuanced Voices

Saturday June 17, 3pm State Library of Victoria ($19/$17) 

Literary culture is often dictated by certain standards and ideals of language and articulation. Hear from these writers about how they are challenging the scope of what is deemed 'conventional' English usage. 

With: Jonno Revanche, Ross Onley Zerkel, Chi Tran, Allison Whittaker, Magan Magan


3. Autobiographical Comics

Wednesday, June 21, 12.30pm 1000 £ Bend (Free) 

Two of my fave comic artists will be discussing all things DIY zines. What more can I want? Plus, this event includes upcoming Liminal interviewee, Rachel Ang.

With: Rachel Ang and Eloise Grills


4. Bad Writing   

Friday, June 23, 7pm 1000 £ Bend ($19/$17) 

Never has an event title spoken more to me. As an expert in 'bad writing', I'm keen to hear confessions from other writers. Featuring upcoming interviewee Kish Lal.

With: Issy Beech, Andy Butler, Laura Davis, Elena Gomez, Erin Hutchinson, Kish Lal, Tim McGuire



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 9PM 1000 £ Bend (Free) 

Hi, this is the event I'm putting on, so please come! 

With: Adolfo Aranjuez, Bobuq Sayed, Soreti Kadir, Elena Gomez, Thanh Hằng Phạm

Leah’s top picks 

1. Bogong Spoken Word 

Tuesday June 22, 7pm 1000 £ Bend (Free) 

I'm only reading POC this year and I'm so, so excited for this event. Also, poetry is always best read aloud. 

With: Kat Clarke, Hannah Donnelly, Nayuka Gorrie, Maurial Spearim, Robbie Batzke, Timmah Ball


2. The Early Words: Decolonial Narratives and the Diaspora

Tuesday June 22, 8.30am 1000 £ Bend (Free) 

Linh curated this one, so I’ve seen her work to turn an incredible idea into a fully sold-out event! I won't lie: I'm also very happy it involves coffee. 

With: Roj Amedi, Bobuq Sayed, Nayuka Gorrie


3. Hidden Voices in Podcasting.

Friday, June 23, 12.30pm 1000 £ Bend (Free) 

With Liminal, we're striving to represent the under-represented, so this podcast party seems right up our alley.

With: Areej Nur, Benjamin Riley, Leona Hameed


4. Amazing Babes

Monday June 20th, 7pm Bella Union ($19/$17)

This title gives me great hope, paired with their promise that you'll be 'nourished by the sisterhood in a night of good vibes and good tunes'. Also includes our upcoming interviewees, Somayra Ismailje and Yen-Rong Wong. 

With: Susie Anderson, Giselle Au-Nhien Nyugen, Paola Balla, Nayuka Gorrie, Somayra Ismailje, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, Jasmeet Sahi, Yen-Rong Wong.
Hosted by Areej Nur. Music by Sovereign Trax.


5. EWF Formal

Saturday June 17, 7pm 1000 £ Bend ($19/$17) 

Who doesn't want to boogie, take some tacky prom photos, wear taffeta and drink spiked punch? If you bring me a corsage, I'm yours for all 2:37 minutes of the Nutbush. Also present: Liminal interviewee Michelle Law, and upcoming interviewee Elizabeth Flux. 

With: Elizabeth Flux, Hera Lindsay Bird, Ara Sarafian, Michelle Law, Alison Evans, Izzy Roberts-Orr, DJ Baby Bonus


Here's a link to the full Emerging Writers' Festival program, 14-23 June.