'What does being Asian-Australian mean to you?'

Track by flower boy 卓颖贤

For our recent exhibition, Leah had to choose only fourteen pictures from the long series of interviews we've published this year, but we weren't happy with such a slim selection: we wanted to include every voice. At the close of each of our interviews, the subject is asked, What does being Asian-Australian mean to you? We collaborated with flower boy 卓颖贤 to create a track combining these answers, to accompany the photographs. For those who can't make it to No Vacancy QV in the next two weeks, we've uploaded the track for you.

This track features the voices of Liminal magazine interviewees—James Robinson, Adolfo Aranjuez, Helena Dong, Anne Moffat, Matthew Pit, Thanh Hang Pham, Bobuq Sayed, Steph Yap, Michelle Law, Robert Wood, Yeo, Viet-My Bui, Cher Tan, Diana Nguyen, Tim Lo Surdo, Peggy Chin, Elizabeth Flux, Rachel Ang, Yen-Rong Wong, Tara Kenny, Madison Griffiths, Amie Mai, Charlotte Nicdao, Paul Podosky, Beverley Wang, Jason Phu, Pimpisa Tinpalit and Yumemi Hiraki.

Produced to accompany Leah Jing's series 'Liminal', for the exhibition Reflections, showing at No Vacancy QV, 6-17 December 2017. Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria's Mapping Melbourne Festival 2017.