EXHIBITION — Between You and I

Ellen YG Son

 13 January—3 February 2018
Kings Artist-Run gallery

Having lived in Korea, Singapore and Australia, Ellen YG Son occupies a complex cultural position as a contemporary hybrid. She is interested in deconstructing culture, linguistic limitations and racial barriers, and investigating how these factors constantly reshape cultural identities. She utilises cellophane in her practice as a representation of traditional Korean values and the limitations that they may impose on individuals.

1. Between You and I (2017), scratched cellophane, acetate and fishing wire.jpg

Between You and I investigates how our perception of the world is coloured by the cultural conditions in which we are situated. As a child I remember making glasses with red and blue cellophane. The world that I saw through these lenses was tinted and glitched across a spectrum of red, purple and blue. Years later, moving to different countries and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds I realised that my vision was limited to, and coloured by, the traditional Korean values and language. Through globalisation and increased connectivity, we are exposed to other cultures. These alternative perspectives impact our own, scratching surface of our tinted lenses creating openings. Through these openings, we eventually unravel, blend and transform our own identities.


Opening — 12 January / 6-8pm
1 / 171 King Street, Melbourne

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