Comic Sans Issue #3

Comic Sans Issue #3


The founder of Liminal and the artistic director of Pencilled In have come together to bring you Comic Sans, a serialised collection of the best Australian comics artists working today.

Brought together by their love of comics and hatred of mediocrity, Leah Jing and Rachel Ang formed Comic Sans to give a platform for the artists they think are the most exciting, most unique, most interesting voices of 2018; artists who push their craft, who see their writing as a literary art form, who create beautiful yet thought-provoking work. 

Issue Three is part of a home-made subscription service, a series of zines to fulfil your comics requirements throughout the year. 

A single issue can be purchased for $15. 

Issey Fujishima
Peggy Chin
Gabby Loo
Zachary Durian
Thom Nguyen
Hiro McL

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