Spotlight #12 — dangerlam

Drawing at the intersection of perfectionism and scrappiness, dangerlam unravels complex ideas and distills them into compelling and playful drawings.

Born and raised in Broadmeadows, dangerlam, also known as Kim Lam, has hypergraphia, obsessively recording everything: where she’s eaten out each week, when her cat last vomited, parcels she’s expecting to receive and when, books read, movies watched...! dangerlam collaborates frequently with partner-in-crime, Dr Jason Fox to make things like The Cleverness magazine, and to help inject whimsical and philosophical sensibilities into the lives of large multinational clientele. 

See a selection of dangerlam’s work below.

Dangerlam’s drawings feature in Comic Sans Issue #2,
on sale in our shop, and at the Sticky institute festival
of the photocopier zine Fair
, february 9 & 10, 2019.

20180914 Free will running.JPG
20180928 Death, Fox & Rabbit.JPG
Spending one's evenings not wearing pants..png
92. 10-point head massage.jpg

Images provided by Kim Lam
Curated by Mike Eleven

Leah McIntosh