Spotlight #13 — Silk Roy

Boasting a style born from painting on the streets, Silk Roy’s transition into fine art reinterprets the ever-changing landscape of graffiti.

With over a decade of experience/notoriety to his street monicker, Silk Roy has naturally moved his practice from walls to canvas without sacrificing the dynamism of his graffiti-influenced style. His work is a complex process of pushing, pulling and layering paint to create an effortless symphony of colour; not too dissimilar to the thick layers of paint one may find on the back-alley walls of Melbourne. Silk Roy stays true to his roots whilst challenging the limits of his mark-making; which in turn, further evolve the expectations of art built on the foundation of tagging.

See a selection of Silk Roy’s work below.


Images provided by Silk Roy
Curated by Mike Eleven