Spotlight #4 — William Nghiem

William Nghiem thinks beyond the screen and breathes warmth and approachability into his precision-driven artworks.

From the sleepy suburbs of Western Sydney, William Ngheim is as humble as he is talented. With a strong eye for colour and a style born out of his meticulous work ethic, it's no wonder William's work has been picked up and exhibited in the States with Art Whino Gallery and ABV Gallery. Keeping his eyes set abroad and his heart at home, William has also shown work within Australia at Good.Space, The Stockroom and created a series of timelapses for Sony Australia. Designer? Artist? Illustrator? Photographer? There seems to be no end to William's creative gamut, with a future so bright you might also need to invest in sunglasses.

See a selection of William's work below.


Images provided by William Nghiem
Curated by Mike Eleven