Spotlight #5 — Andy Yee

Ask around and people will tell you that Andy Yee is the real Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson of Sydney.

If there was a championship belt for illustration, Andy Yee would have it thrown over his shoulder whilst standing on the corner of the wrestling ring. A creative juggernaut in his own right, Andy injects the confidence and charisma of a Face into every facet of his work. Be it podcasting, video or illustration, Andy demands your attention with his high contrast work, bringing together aggressive shading and brooding characters.

We're lucky enough to preview a selection of works from Andy's debut book, ANDYEE—A collection of illustrations from 2016–2018. 

See a preview of ANDYEE below.



"Inspired by everything from comic books, art house films, Korean alt. rock, to Louis V rag-waving rap, Andrew has created a body of work that is at once morose and surreal, as it is humorous and colourful."




17/8,  6pm - 9pm, Studio Malaparte: 9 Ryder St, Darlinghurst 2010

Will be available online at

Images provided by Andy Yee
Curated by Mike Eleven